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2015 Dallas City Council Candidate Questionnaires
Click on the candidate names below to see their responses
to the Friends of the Dallas Public Library questionnaire.

District 3
Joe Tave
Wini Cannon
B.D. Howard

District 4
Carl Hays
Carolyn King Arnold

District 5
Rick Callahan
Sherry Cordova

District 6
Daniel "DC" Caldwell
Lakolya London
Monica R. Alonzo

District 7

Randall Parker

District 8
Dianne Gibson
Clara McDade
Subrina Lynn Brenham
Eric Lemonte Williams
Gail Terrell
Erik Wilson

District 9
Christopher Jackson
Darren Boruff
Mark Clayton
Will Logg

District 10
James N. White
Paul Reyes

District 11
Lee Kleinman (Unopposed)

District 15
Mike Rawlings
Marcos Ronquillo

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