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Founded in 1950, Friends of the of the Dallas Public Library is a member supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates for the Dallas Public Library system and seeks to enhance community awareness for all its unique resources and benefits. The Friends also raises funds through special events, grants, corporate and private donations of its members to support library initiated programs and for capital improvements. To date, more than $12,000,000 has been raised. Friends supported events, programs and causes include:

The library is one of our community's most vital cultural and educational assets and belongs to all citizens of Dallas. Through Friends, citizens have an opportunity to support the Library via gifts of time, volunteering unique skills, or sharing treasures great and small.

Everyone in Friends plays a vital role in ensuring that our library has the resources required to be remain an excellent library system, today and into the future. From our dedicated staff and board to our invaluable members, donors and volunteers, each plays a critical role and shares a common goal – to create the best possible public library for all citizens of Dallas.

Friends of the Dallas Public Library, Inc.
1515 Young Street, Dallas, TX 75201
P: 214.670.1458 | F: 214.670.1453 | Friends@FoDPL.org